Real Time Location Bed Management Systems

Our goal is to eliminate manual data entry and gain visibility. Do you waste valuable time checking if beds are available, manually entering bed management data or calling back and forth to patients? Our bed management system automates bed status based on patient location and other rules.

With our system, you’ll be able to know when a patient is out of his/her room.

Efficient patient rooming occurs as staff quickly assess room demographics like whether the room is set up for bariatric or telemetry patients.

When hospitals manage beds in real time, with appropriate patient and room data, patient to room times decrease and patient satisfaction increases.

The key to getting any capital investment approved is so often ROI (Return on Investment). We’ll help justify these goals with our technology.

When the badge is idle, intervals between signals is longer and saves on battery life. This extensive badge battery life saves money, reduces the inconvenience of constantly changing the units and enhance security.

Badges also include an integral staff attack button which when pressed can summon assistance in sometimes challenging workplaces. These dual technology IR/RFID badges deliver the benefits of people and asset location as well as staff attack in the same badge.

Unique identification codes mean that users can be easily identified and safely located when necessary.

Feature Focus

  • This identifies rooms as clean, dirty or in the process of being cleaned. It will also show isolation rooms.
  • Room status and bed availability are updated automatically according to a colour coded system.
  • This is based on patient locations and staff interaction. It’s also possible to indicate different levels of room cleaning needed if required.

Features at a Glance

  • Easy to use software
  • Increases throughput and efficiency
  • Create bed turnover reports
  • Automatic holding of beds
  • Patient discharge notifies cleaners
  • Identifies and reduces bottlenecks
  • Extensive historical analysis tools
  • Integrates with existing IT systems
  • Worry free prompts
  • Asset management facility
  • Add special room notations
  • Self documenting and guesswork-free
  • Extensive badge battery life
  • Integrated staff attack facility
  • Can be extended for other RTLS applications such as asset tracking, automatic nurse call presence or staff and asset location systems