May 7, 2020

Remote Diagnostics for a Faster, Safer Response

Posted by: Inge Gross

Remote Diagnostics for a Faster, Safer Response


Simple, Safer & More Cost Effective..

When times are stressful and staffing levels are short, our remote diagnostics package makes perfect sense and most clients are taking this option these days.

We’ll install some hardware in your premises that will connect our service desk to your system. When assistance is needed we remotely access the system and take action.

Authorised and approved engineers will have access to a the system fault logger and from this they can quickly and easily determine where the problem is so that repairs can be carried out.

  • Renaming requests can be carried out remotely
  • Engineers will only visit site with correct parts
  • Faults can often be resolved and rectified before there site disruptions is caused
  • Faults can also be neutralised to minimise disruption and allow time for site visits
  • Also useful for notifying local staff of low battery indications

Key Advantages:

  • Faster Maintenance
  • Reduce Cost of Service 
  • Improve Safety
  • Enable Local Engineers

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