May 18, 2020

Adding Auto Presence Nurse Call

Posted by: Inge Gross

Adding Auto Presence Nurse Call


Automated procedures facilitate the processes of everyday care and protect the nursing staff.

Automatic nurse call makes a lot of sense when designing your nurse call system these days. Instead of physically pressing a button when entering a room in response to a call, each carer or other members of staff wears a badge which communicates with the receiving unit in the room.  As they enter the room,  their ‘presence’ is activated automatically. The active ‘presence’ condition will automatically reset as the staff member leaves the room.

Our Key Product Advantages:

  • Contact-less Technology
  • Automated nurse rounding call and response times – No guess work
  • Frees staff up to concentrate on their role
  • Provides historical data for continual process improvement

With this and numerous other examples, we would like to show that even in these difficult times we are there for you and support you with our system solutions and competent service.

Please take care and stay safe!

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